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Our customers are our family! Our English-speaking pharmacy team members are committed to providing exceptional service to help fill your prescription and wellness needs as quickly and carefully as possible. And most importantly, we make it easy for you! Farmacia Brizio-Mazzei is an Italian pharmacy that has existed in the center of Florence for more than 40 years. Our international staff speaks Italian, English, Greek and Spanish languages to assist our international patients. We are the home pharmacy for many residents, local hotels, international students and study-abroad programs in the center of Florence.

Our pharmacy can supply branded and generic drugs and over-the-counter medicines (OTC). We can also help you find a similar or substitute therapy if we don't carry the exact brand name of your prescription/OTC drug at home.


​Occasionally in Italy, drugs are available in different dosages or under different names than your drug therapy at home. Rest assured that our staff of pharmacists and chemists will provide you with the appropriate healthcare that you need, safely and efficiently.

Next door to the pharmacy you can find an English-speaking medical office specialized in routine health care, physical examinations, illnesses and injuries, vaccinations, dermatology.

Our Staff

Dr. Patrizia Brizio is the owner of the pharmacy, and the family is joined by a talented staff of pharmacists, a pharmacy technician and administrative support specialists. Dr. Nicola is the Pharmacy Manager and he speaks fluent English and conversational Portuguese and Spanish. He spent a year abroad in San Diego and New York where he worked in two pharmacies. He works on a daily basis with local residents, tourists, students, and understands how challenging it may be to find the right healthcare in a foreign country.

The experienced and professional staff is always current on the latest continuing education program requirements, to offer the most up-to-date recommendations to its clientele.

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